It is easy to purchase Products (Antminers, Innosilicons, GPU, CPU …) using crypto such as Bitcoin Or Altcoin through CoinPayments.

NOTE: You do not need a CoinPayments account to use this payment gateway.

Here are the steps for easily completing a payment with Bitcoin using CoinPayments.

A-  Select your Products You need and the quantity, then select the “Add To Cart” button.

B – If you have a discount code apply it above

C – Select one of your preferred way to ship your Order.

D – Click “Checkout” in order to fill your Billing Address + Shipping Address and start Processing Payment.

2. You will be taken from the AntminerFarm website to the CoinPayments website.

3. Fill out your email and name in the right side of the form. Choose Bitcoin Or Any Altcoin You have then click on “Complete Checkout”.

4. IMPORTANT NOTE: You Must submit the EXACT Amount of Bitcoin Or Any Altcoin as requested. DO NOT ALLOW your wallet to convert dollars to Bitcoin – the calculation will probably be wrong and not processed by CoinPayments.

5. Copy the wallet address and amount of Bitcoin required as indicated and send the EXACT amount of Bitcoin indicated.

After a few seconds the CoinPayments screen will refresh and you will see that your transaction is completed.

It will still be pending on the blockchain waiting for confirmations.

Now you can click Continue to “Seller’s Store” to return to your Hashing Ad Space account.

Once you have sent the exact amount of Bitcoin to the unique wallet address you will receive a receipt from CoinPayments by email. This receipt will indicate your order has begun to be processed on the blockchain.


7. When your payment has been confirmed on the blockchain (15 minutes to as long as a few hours) you will get another email from CoinPayments that your payment has been properly received.

NOTE: Your purchase will usually be credited within 30 minutes of receiving the second notice from CoinPayments.